Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Copic Class vs Housework!!!!

Well it's not exactly a fair contest is it! LOL

I have been rather absent from crafting, instead I have been painting the inside of the Playhouse/Summer House, sewing linings into curtains, tidying up and decluttering (or at least trying to!) applying window film to the conservatory windows....you name it, it's probably been on my to do list for several years!

This morning I rather unsuccessfully dyed the last batch of loose sofa covers to put on the sofas in the Summer House. They aren't the look I was going for but at least the faded areas aren't so extreme and they are all fresh and clean. I then dismantled the grids on the extractor fan and cleaned them all up and then started tackling the grill section of the range cooker...that was enough. What better excuse did I need to relax for a while than the launch of the latest Kit and Clowder Marker Class!!!! Oh my, what a gorgeous image to work with than the Molly Harrison's Fairy on Moon.

I just could not resist and downloaded the class and printed it out straight away! Loads of freebies and incentives on the Kit and Clowder Facebook page but to be honest, I didn't need much in the way of encouragement!

Just completed Chapter 1 - The Moon!
What a fun technique using the colourless blender Copic marker! I am a bit unsure about the white expanse in the highlighted area of the moon but hopefully once the rest of the image is complete it will all come together!

NOW! Do I attack some paperwork, clean a window, weed a bit more of the drive......
or move on to Chapter 2?

Decisions, decisions!


Friday, 20 April 2018

Craft withdrawal symptoms!

Had a few busy days and not made much time for any creativity. So after a quick run around this morning, a few emails and a flying visit to my mum and dad, I decided that I deserved a bit of craft time.

Slowly but surely I am making (some sort of) progress on the Squeak Shake from Di's Digi Stamps. Now this is the image used for the pencil class over at Kit and Clowder but I am attempting to colour it in with my Copics using the techniques I have learnt from the Marker Class this month!!

EEK, it's scary but exciting, putting new techniques into practice....but I must focus on that word PRACTICE! Yes I mucked up the colours of the chocolate on my first attempt, went too heavy handed with my white pencil on the strawberry....and as for the cup/glass/mug...well I am not even going to bother commenting on how I feel about it! LOL

BUT, am I still loving the process....A BIT, FAT, HUGE YES!!!!!!

Copic Colours Used
For the cream - E000, E51 &E21

For the strawberry - YR31, RV29,R27, R22 & R32

For the mug - W5, W3 & W1

Ooooo....what bit shall I colour next????


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Di's Digi Stamps, Kit and Clowder and Copics!!!!

After being on such a high from my previous colouring class, I decided to used the information and techniques from Cupcake/Marker Class....and apply them to the Squeak Shake image that jumped into my basket while me back was turned!

WELL, it didn't start very well. I was aiming for a really dark, rich chocolate sauce but ended up with a "sticky"mess and the combination of Earth Colour Copics was just not working. I scribbled on it and threw it to one side.

I had been on such a high after colouring up the Cupcake Class and there was no way I was going to let it defeat me!

I went back to the drawing board and this time, I aimed at more of a milk chocolate or caramel sauce! LOL

I have noticed that when I am working "alone" rather than following a Class Video, I do tend to rush. I suppose it's almost hard wired into me being conscious of the time/being self indulgent vs. Relaxation and enjoying my creative time. I think it's a good thing to be aware of.

There are quite a few elements on this image that will put me out of my comfort zone but I am able to apply techniques from the Cupcake Class to help soften the blow. The icing, the mice, the strawberry.....it's all a learning curve to enjoy.

Copic Colours used for sauce:
E57, E35, E33 and E53


Copic (Marker) Class almost complete!

I have been lucky enough to have some time to myself and really made the most of the opportunity to colour and relax! I was just so eager to work on the April Class from Kit and Clowder and the image/s from Di's Digi Stamps are just too cute for words!

Chapter 5 - The Cherries

Chapter 6 - The Strawberries

(Spot the pink blob on the mouse ear? EEK)

Chapter 7 - The Mice

(I added a bit more depth of colour to the little mouse ear to cover up the blob I made!)

I still have the last Chapter to do which goes through the process of adding a bit of background colour.

Not sure how I am going to use these Class Practice images. I feel reluctant to put them on a card and give away.....they are truly becoming such a part of a learning journey that I may even scrapbook and document them.

Bye for now!


Monday, 16 April 2018

April Class Launch at Kit and Clowder

Despite the fact that I was loving working on the mini class, LOTV Workbench Image...I decided to put it on the back burner for another day....I just could not resist starting to colour the fab new Class launched yesterday at Kit and Clowder. I started downloading the Video and printed off the gorgeous image from Di's Digi Stamps straight away.

Last night I completed Chapter 1 - The Bow!

Then this morning Chapter 2 - The Icing!

and Chapter 3 - The cake!

AND Chapter 4 - The Wrapper!!!

Squeeeeeeeal! Enjoying these SO very much. By no means perfect, made a few errors along the way but that is all part of the learning process.

Copic Colours Used

Bow and Icing - R81, R83, R85 & RV000
Cake - E57, E35,E33 & E51
Wrapper - BG23, BG15, BG09 & G00

Better stop and have some lunch now! LOL


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Kit and Clowder Classes, Prismacolor Progress

Yes, I am feeling pleased enough with the results of this "Mini" Class over at Kit and Clowder to call it PROGRESS!!!!! I have truly LOVED doing this class and I feel me confidence and progress using Prismacolors Pencils is shocking!

I feel that in the few Chapters of this Class I have learnt so much and I still have all the background chapters to do....AND repeat the class using my Copic Markers!

I have decided to leave this image for now as I think I'd like to complete this gorgeous LOTV Image to the same stage and compare the two different mediums before moving on the the backgrounds. The background is really something out of my comfort zone, and as a cardmaker, it is not really something I have ever really done. BUT that what makes the Kit and Clowder Classes so fantastic, they stretch your comfort zone and inspire confidence to try new things that you can then incorporate into the rest of your crafting.

RIGHT!!! Gonna run around any tidy up a bit, get the kettle on because the April Kit and Clowder Classes are being launched LIVE ON FACEBOOK!!!!!Midday BST!!!! Come over and share the excitement!



Saturday, 14 April 2018

Kit and Clowder, Mini Class, LOTV Workbench, Chapter 4

Oh my goodness...LOVING this class.

Just completed Chapter 4, Hat and Boots. I have also got out my Derwent Blender pencil and gone over all the areas I had already coloured in an attempt to flatten the tooth of the paper and even up the appearance. ( I did this under my magnified light!) Not sure if it looks any better.

Colours used for hat and boots:
PC943 Burnt Ochre
PC942 Yellow Ochre
PC1012 Jasmine
PC914 Cream
Derwent Blender.

I really cannot recommend these classes enough.

Now, can I sneak in another Chapter this evening? LOL

Bye for now.

Prismacolors, Practice, Kit & Clowder & LOTV

What a lovely combination for a SUNNY Saturday afternoon.

Tomorrow is the launch of the next Class over at Kit and Clowder so I wanted to make time for myself to sit down and work on the LOTV Mini Class, Workbench Image. Prismacolors are well out of my comfort zone but I may even go as far as saying that I am actually enjoying my creative time rather than feeling down about my lack of perfection!

I decided to use oranges instead of the reds used in Class, as I didn't like the combination of red tones in my stash. I think orange and blue works well together...I hope it does anyway.

It was so scary reaching the point of drawing on the blue checks! But I went along with the class and quite pleased with the results.

I think I need to continue to practice with my Prismacolors as my close up pictures do show quite a bit of "tooth" left visible on my colouring although to the naked eye it doesn't look as bad!

I used;
PC943 Burnt Ochre
PC1032 Pumpkin orange
PC918 orange
PC1025 Periwinkle
PC1102 Blue Lake
PC1061 Cool Grey 30%
PC?? White

Someone else is having a nice, relaxing Saturday too!

Time for a cuppa and perhaps even a cake and I might even manage the next Chapter if I am lucky!

Bye for now.


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Perseverance with Prismacolors

Made time for myself this afternoon to do a bit more of the fabulous Mini Class over at Kit and Clowder. The LOTV image is just too cute to resist.

Today's effort was colouring the little denim dungarees! EEK

Had SO much fun and although the colouring or shading isn't great, I am amazed at the depth of the colour I have achieved with pencils. It's a long learning curve but I am on my way.

Not sure if I should have continued adding colour or not to smooth down the "tooth" of the paper but I thought as it was denim, I could get away with it!

Supposed I'd better do some proper work now! 

Bye for now.


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

OMG - LOTV Freebie Class at Kit and Clowder!!!!!

After yesterday's negativity I am determined not to let my pain get the better of me. Took Amelia to the dentist, came back home, dropped Jack off at College, came back home, made lunch and sat down to find this month Freebie "Mini" Class for us Clowdies who subscribe to the Monthly Classes! (NOW, how you can describe this as a mini class, I don't know!)

SOOOOO excited, not only was the class free (as an extra to our paid for Monthly Class/es...but the GORGEOUS LOTV Image was a freebie too......we are really being spoiled over at Kit and Clowder!

I had some time to spare before I needed to go out and pick Jack back up, so set to work on Chapter 1 of the Class, using......wait for it..........PRISMACOLOR PENCILS. (I have decided not to throw the lot in the bin and persevere with my pencil journey! LOL

I did print out quite large, fitting 2 practice images on a sheet of A4
Is it perfect, no! Am I happy with it....yes, I think I am....so far. LOL

LOVING being a part of the Clowdie Community, thank you.

If I am lucky I might even sneak in part of the next chapter whilst the roast is in the oven. 

Bye for now.


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Kit and Clowder Eye Class - Chapter 2 with Prismacolors

Not sure about my pencils skills at all but I managed to complete another chapter today...I so needed some crafty therapy after a sleepless night last night and a trip to the hospital with Amelia this morning. My pain is sky high!

Not sure if the pain contributed, but I really struggled with this; I couldn't get a sharp point on my pencils, I tried sharpening and loads of the leads just kept on breaking and I am just not sure how I feel about the finished results.

I know I need to relax and enjoy and not get stressed about "practice" but the constant pain just kept getting in the way today. I am wondering whether or not to just give up with the pencils and concentrate with my Copics!

I am going to take some pain killers tonight, something I don't do very often, and hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit more positive.

Night, night,


Monday, 9 April 2018

Kit and Clowder - Colouring Eyes Class with Prismacolors

Just finished Chapter 1 of the Eye Class using Prismas...and it certainly shows that I need more practice! LOL

Now I only pay for the Monthly Marker Class, but the Mini Class Colouring Eyes was a freebie and covers guidance, techniques, colour suggestions...etc....etc. for both Markers and Pencils so I thought I just had to try both. So the skin and hair is my feeble attempts of untutored, jump in at the deep end and just go for it, colouring!

This was also my first attempt on my new card stock which has more of "a tooth!"

Things I need to improve on!
Well....everything! LOL
Sharper pencils, move defined lines, better choices of colour combos, Prismacoloring techniques....
My idea of red streaks in the hair just didn't work out! LOL
Need to go over the black lines around the eyes again to define better after my colouring. Not happy with how they look.
I must not rush to complete, I have no deadlines.

Things I am happy about!
I loved the tutorial, class part of this but was out of my comfort zone once the actual eyes were done.
It was fun to try something new.
My first real Class attempt at pencils has given my the incentive to practice more to improve my pencil colouring.

Looking forward to my next practice.


Practising with Prismacolors!

As I said in yesterday's blog post, I hoped to re-do the Colouring Eyes Class over at Kit and Clowder but this time trying out my Prismacolours! EEK, even more out of my comfort zone than with my Copics!

SO - I printed off the work sheet onto my new Canson Mi-Teintes paper, dug out the recommended colours for the Pencil Class, using alternatives where necessary......and started to practice!

Things I could do better
I found it hard to work with the pencils, I need to invest in a good sharpener because as I was trying to sharpen to a sharp point, the wood was splintering and not allowing me to get the results I was hoping for.
I need to re-organise and chart my Prismas again rather than rummaging around a plastic box with colour groups gathered in elastic bands! If I know what colours I have, it will be easier to make choices for alternative colours.

Things I am happy about!
I tried! LOL
Keeping the Posca White Marker upside down helped!

Must get on.