Sunday, 23 July 2017

I need help with my Prismacolor disaster!!! EEK

SO, late, late last night I started sorting out my Prismacolor Pencils. I printed off a new 
colour sheet and started organising them into colour groups. 

Then I started playing about with a few attempts at blending...considering  my Sansodor 
(I think that was what it was called) is somewhere in my craft room and probably 
covered in an inch of dust.  I wasn't that impressed with my results so I will NEED to dig out
 that blending agent to try again later today.

After a few failed attempts at blending I decided to jump straight in and try to colour and image. Now one thing I have never tried before is to colour onto Kraft card or some of that lovely "toned" card you can get...and is currently on my wishlist just waiting to see how I get on with the Prismas first though. lol 

It was a bit like trying to run before I could walk. Perhaps I should have stuck to working on white card but I felt the white card I use for my Copics was too flat and smooth and as I was trying to blend the Prismas I was getting small clumps of waxy build up on my test patches.

I chose one of my new Saturated Canary stamps but as you can see I really struggled! I just didn't feel I had as as much control as I do with my Copics and without constantly sharpening, the pencil tip just didn't seem fine enough to give me the detail I wanted and I ended up covering some of the lines of the stamped image. I remember seeing some images coloured this way a while back but I will need to see how this is done without covering up too much detail in the like I have done around her eye!!!

Not happy with the skin colour, a bit too pink for my liking so I will have to do some research 
on different skin .combinations.

Oh well, bit of a failure so far but I will not just give in and go straight back into my 
Copic Rut...I WILL persevere.

If you read this and you have any advice, PLEASE let me know!

Bye for now.


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Prismacolor pencils!

After "chatting" with a fellow crafter on a forum, we started discussing our favourite colouring mediums. Although I have used other colouring mediums in the past,, as soon as my first Copics were purchased in 2008(?) I really don't think I have used anything else.

Even after years of hardly any crafting at all, I have come straight back in to my Copic colouring rut!

SO, this evening I have dug out my Prismacolor Pencils! EEK, I feel like such a complete beginner with them-don't think I'll have any images to show you yet, it might take a bit of practising.

Hey ho, practice makes they say...and I do like a bit of a challenge.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Crazy Lady vs.Tim Holtz Bird Crazy

Yesterday I was feeling rather low, pain was getting the better of me and I really didn't feel like doing much at all apart from slumping n the settee! I still slumped...but I slumped with my Copics and some images I had already stamped for my latest purchase....Tim Holtz- Bird Crazy!!!

I started trying out one or two different birds and decided to use some wacky colours, some of those Copics that are in my collection but rarely used. It was quite good to look at colour combinations again too as I really need to brush up on which markers bend together nicely.

As I went on, colouring more and more different birds a thought came to mind on how I could use them on a Thank You card for Amelia's School!

I put the cut and coloured images to one side cut to a piece of Copic card to size to layer onto an A5 card. Then I did a bit of masking, a very basic technique but something I haven't done for years!!!
I stamped up a row of four birds directly onto the card to form the back of the "crowd" and then decided how to position the others in front taking the shape of the birds and the colours into consideration. I took a snap of this to use as a reference before starting to colour up the back row of birdies! Once all the birdies were coloured, and one was glittered, I stuck them into their little flock using glue for some and 3D pads for others.

My printer decided it wasn't going to connect up so I ended up having to hand write "Thanks" amongst the flock and instead of the printed insert I had planned, it ended up as a hand written scrawl! 

I cannot remember exactly what the greeting was but it went along the lines of the staff at the school being in all shapes and sizes, some merging into the back ground and other being upfront and all sparkle and shine, but one thing they all have in common is such a positive and caring attitude towards supporting our children.....blah, blah, blah...

I simply LOVED making this card, so quirky, colourful and fun and so different 
from anything else I have really made.

PS....Ssshhh....I still have the Crazy Cat set to try out yet!!!

This card meets the criteria over at:

Right, that's enough waffle for now...those Crazy cats await! LOL


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Whoop, whoop!!!

It's been such a hectic few weeks. Cake making for Guide Groups 5th Birthday Party, Craft table at school fair and this week trying to support Amelia for her School Drama Production...we have spent 2 fabulous and heart warming evenings watching our little "Calamity Jane" and we are so proud and amazed by the achievements of all the cast.

I seem to be staggering from one deadline to the next with no let up in between...rather than rest and relax, the minute the school fair was over, I decided to decorate wreck the conservatory!!! LOL Why oh why did I just not settle for a good old fashioned DEEP clean and declutter!

Anyway, crafting has been a bit thin on the ground, in fact all I have managed is to stamp a few images with one of my new stamps and print off a few digi images ready for my next colouring session.

Just pottering around the world of Blog and discovered that one of my recent cards made the Top 3 over at Colour Crazy Challenge!!!!   Thank you so much!!!

This is my entry card.

Oh, I must get sorted and make more time for being creative! 
Hmmm, I think I have said that once or twice before!!

Bye for now, my internet food shopping is calling!


Saturday, 15 July 2017

I kept these for myself!

I bought this Liberty Print ribbon some time ago and this week I decided to put it to some good use, after all, what use is it sitting in a box? I do struggle with fiddly little clasps so I decided to use magnetic clasps on both the bracelet and the chocker necklace. Yes, it works out more expensive to make but oh so much easier to wear!!! I think this has got to be the way forward for the jewellery I make for myself now!

I might even have to look at investing in some sterling silver findings too!


Friday, 14 July 2017

Torn in so many crafty directions!!

With a table at a school fair tomorrow I should be all organised by now...but that is just not me, is it!

I have been so busy enjoying colouring in, especially as I have been SOOOOO naughty and treated myself to "a few" new stamps! LOL BUT I have reluctantly abandoned them to make a few last minute bits of jewellery, and to work on display stuff!!!

Here are a few pics of some of my latest, albeit, unfinished creations!!!!

A bit of a mish mash all ready and waiting.....

Some old stamps from my collection....

...and some new!

I have some digi Saturated Canary images store on my Desktop and external drive which are inaccessible at the moment so I bought a few physical rubber stamps instead!!!

I also bought "Snow Bird" by Stampendous, which was more of a Winter's image with berries on....until I snipped them off in an attempt to alter it into a likkle blue tit...quite pleased with my first attempt!!!

And last but not least......look what arrived in the post this week...cannot wait to try these out, so quirky and a bit different from my usual cute images!

(Still after the dog set too but I will wait to see how I get on with these first!)

Right, best get on, enough waffle for now!


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Leather chockers/lariats and earrings

Loving working with this flat leather cord! Initially I bought some flat faux leather in some lovely colours but unfortunately I tested it out before I made anything with it and it snapped quite easily-such a shame as I was really looking forward to using the array of colours!
Anyway, just have to make do with the dark brown and black real leather for now. This first set can be either a double wrap bracelet or a single chocker.

The next set is so simple but is one of my favourites for some reason. The chocker/lariat has an adustable/slider bead to help make the necklace adaptable....and I just love the earrings!

Oh well a few more things to add to my collection.


Monday, 10 July 2017

Leather jewellery set

I am starting to panic a bit now as I feel I have hardly anything to put on my table at the school fair on Saturday!!!!EEK.

I am trying to tell myself it doesn't matter and that I m there to support the school in their fundraising but I know I lack so much confidence I am going to hate standing there expecting people to be interested in my "wares!"

Over the weekend I decided to do a bit of knitting, just a couple of tiny pairs of baby booties  but I really struggled and found myself in so much pain, I think knitting session are going to have to be very short and sweet from now on.

This morning I decided to put my card making to one side and concentrate on a bit more jewellery. (Mainly because I wanted to fill up the back of my revamped suitcase with earrings! LOL)

I ended up making this little leather set; bracelet, chocker/lariat and matching earrings.

Got enough brown leather cord to make another set so I am working on that next!

I feel I am running out of time this week already as I have a few appointments to fit in and I also need to make enough cakes to feed 50 people - hungry Girl Guides and their guests!!!!

Best crack on then